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Hi, Is Clearml Support Creating New Tasks While In Offline Mode? I'M Trying To Run The Following:

Hi, is clearml support creating new tasks while in offline mode?
I'm trying to run the following:
` from clearml import Task


task = Task.init(project_name="experiments", task_name="testing_task") `And I'm getting:
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'response'

When trying to run the same code without the http://Task.se t_offline(True) it works just fine.

Posted 2 years ago
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Answers 6

Can you try specifying the argument explicitly? For example:

Posted 2 years ago

Yes, offline got broken in 1.3.0 😞 , RC fixed it:
pip install clearml==1.3.1rc0Stable release later this week

Posted 2 years ago

I tried:
Task.set_offline(offline_mode=True) task = Task.init(project_name="experiments", task_name="testing")and still the same error.

Posted 2 years ago

I'm using version 1.3.0

Posted 2 years ago

What version of ClearML are you using?

Posted 2 years ago


Posted 2 years ago
6 Answers
2 years ago
one year ago