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Hi, I'M Logging Plots Using Clearml Sdk. The Logging Is Automatic By Running Matplotlib And Seaborn. One Of My Plots Is Sns.Barplot, In The Pycharm Run I Get All The Ticks Name But In The Clearml Dashboard Results It Is Without The Ticks Names. I'Ll Be Ha

Hi, I'm logging plots using clearml sdk. The logging is automatic by running matplotlib and seaborn.
One of my plots is sns.barplot, in the pycharm run I get all the ticks name but in the clearml dashboard results it is without the ticks names.
I'll be happy for some help with it. Thanks!

Posted 2 years ago
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Answers 3

Hi, can you provide an example of how you report them?

Posted 2 years ago

self.notify('Logging feature importance') feature_importance_series = feature_importance_series[:limit] sns.barplot(feature_importance_series.values, feature_importance_series.index) plt.title('feature importance') plt.show()

Posted 2 years ago

Can you maybe provide a snippet I can play with?

Posted 2 years ago