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Hi There! We'Ve Deployed Clearml In Our Eks Cluster As A Poc With The Helm Chart Mostly On Default Values. We Loved The Poc And I'M Now Tasked With Setting Up The Deployment Robustly. Clearml Depends On Three External Databases; Redis, Mongo & Elastic. I

Hi there! We've deployed ClearML in our EKS cluster as a POC with the helm chart mostly on default values. We loved the POC and I'm now tasked with setting up the deployment robustly. ClearML depends on three external databases; redis, mongo & elastic. I was wondering for what purpose does clearml use each database? I couldn't really find this in the docs.

Reason I'm asking is to decide whether to deploy each database as a AWS managed instance or self-managed via Kubernetes. AWS managed requires less maintenance and more money and vice versa for managing it on Kubernetes ourselves.


Posted 2 years ago
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CostlyFox64 , Hi 🙂

All 3 databases are requirements for the backend. Redis is used for caching so it's fairly 'lightly' used, you don't need many resources for it. Mongo is for artifacts, system info and some metadata. Elastic is for events and logs, this one might require more resources depending on your usage.

What is the scope of your usage?

Posted 2 years ago

In any case, feel free to ping us here if you have any questions or run into any trouble 🙂

Posted 2 years ago

Thanks for your swift response CostlyOstrich36 !

We're a startup where about 10 people will use ClearML as the experiment logging backend with agents running on 4 on-prem GPU machines. We strive to always have experiments running to not have idle GPUs but this isn't always the case.

Alright so the Redis instance is too mission critical (I'll probably deploy this with the helm chart). The mongo and elastic are necessary and I'd like to deploy these as managed instances in AWS. Do you have any recommendations for the resource configurations for these instances?

Posted 2 years ago

Hi CostlyFox64 ,

Do you have any recommendations for the resource configurations for these instances?

No specific configurations, whatever works will probably be OK, you'll probably want to scale up as your usage increases.

Posted 2 years ago

Thanks a lot!

Posted 2 years ago
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2 years ago
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