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# Set Git User/Pass Credentials (If User/Pass Are Set, Git Protocol Will Be Set To Https) # Leave Blank For Git Ssh Credentials (Set Force_Git_Ssh_Protocol=True To Force Ssh Protocol) Git_User: "<Username>" Git_Pass: "<Password>" # Limit Credentials To A

Set GIT user/pass credentials (if user/pass are set, GIT protocol will be set to https)

leave blank for GIT SSH credentials (set force_git_ssh_protocol=true to force SSH protocol)

git_user: "<username>"
git_pass: "<password>"

Limit credentials to a single domain, for example: http://github.com ,

all other domains will use public access (no user/pass). Default: always send user/pass for any VCS domain

git_host=" http://bitbucket.org "

Is this bit okay in the conf file? I need the agent to run code directly from repo.

Posted 2 years ago
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Answers 7

Also the repository is on bitbucket which is why I set git_host to that.

Posted 2 years ago

You mean I should set it to this?

Posted 2 years ago

I'm getting this error.

clearml_agent: ERROR: Failed cloning repository.

  1. Make sure you pushed the requested commit:
  2. Check if remote worker has valid credentials
Posted 2 years ago

I just shared manually the logs because it had email and other details mentioned in the complete logs. If it helps, I'll share the logs as soon as I can.

Posted 2 years ago

#git_host=" http://bitbucket.org "

Posted 2 years ago

What happens if you remove git_host=" http://bitbucket.org "

Posted 2 years ago

Can you provide a full log of the failed run?

Posted 2 years ago