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I'Ve Been Using Add_Function_Step In The Pipeline Controller As Of Yet. Now I Wish To Use Add_Step For One Of The Steps And Pass In A Task Id. Only Problem Is, For Some Of The Argparse Parameters, I Want To Modify The Values In The New Task. Can You Guys

I've been using add_function_step in the Pipeline Controller as of yet. Now I wish to use add_step for one of the steps and pass in a Task ID. Only problem is, for some of the argparse parameters, I want to modify the values in the new task. Can you guys guide me for it?

Posted one year ago
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Answers 3

Alright I solved it. Given that my parameters are stored inside args. the way to do it would be,

Posted one year ago

You mean you want the new task created by add_step to take in certain parameters? Provided where/by who?

Posted one year ago

Sorry for the late reply. The situation is that when I ran the task initially, it took arguments in using ArgParse. It took in a lot of arguments. Now my understanding is that add_step() clones that task. I want that to happen but I would like to be able to modify some of the values of the args, e.g epochs or some other argument.

Posted one year ago