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Hi Everyone! I Built A Task That Processes Data And In The End Generates A Large Folder Containing Images (Aprox 10Gb). I Would Like To Be Able To Upload This Folder As An Artifact But When I Try To Do This With Task.Upload_Artifact I Get This Error. Is T

Hi everyone!
I built a task that processes data and in the end generates a large folder containing images (aprox 10Gb). I would like to be able to upload this folder as an artifact but when I try to do this with task.upload_artifact I get this error. Is there a size limit for artifacts? If so, is it possible to somehow agregate multiple artifacts into a single file? Thank you in advance!

Posted 2 years ago
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HiĀ  SmoggyGoat53
There is a storage limit on the file server (basically 2GB per file limit), thisĀ  is the cause of the error.
You can upload the 10GB to any S3 alike solution (or a shared folder). Just set the "output_uri" on the Task (either at Task.init or with Task.output_uri = " s3://bucket ")

Posted 2 years ago

Also to get past the problem via hack you can split the file via several zips through your code before uploading

Posted 2 years ago

Hmmm interesting. According to bytes it looks like 2GB. What type is the file?

Posted 2 years ago

Also how are you uploading? Because if you don't zip the folder and upload with
task.upload_artifact('local folder', artifact_object=os.path('<PATH_TO_FOLDER>'))
This should work

Posted 2 years ago
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2 years ago
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