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Hi, There Is A Small Bug With Auto-Refreshing In The Debug Samples Tab Of The Web Ui: If It Is On, Then It Will Always Force The First Series To Be Displayed, Regardless Of What Has Been Selected By The User. Eg: If I Have Two Metrics,

Hi, there is a small bug with auto-refreshing in the DEBUG SAMPLES Tab of the Web UI: If it is ON, then it will always force the first series to be displayed, regardless of what has been selected by the user. Eg: If I have two Metrics, Metric_1 and Metric_2 , I compare two experiments, go to debug sample, turn auto-refreshing ON, for one of the two experiments, I switch from Metric_1 to Metric_2 , then as soon as the auto-refreshing happens, the debug samples from the Metric_1 will be shown for both experiments, even if I still see Metric_2 as the one selected

Posted 2 years ago
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Can you please open a github issue so the issue can be followed?

Posted 2 years ago
1 Answer
2 years ago
one year ago