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Hello, When I Create A Task On A New Server I Use, The Task Fails To Auto Detect The Working Directory And The Repository, As In The Attached Image. Consequently, I Cannot Run The Task In Clearml Agent, Getting "


When I create a task on a new server I use, the task fails to auto detect the working directory and the repository, as in the attached image.

Consequently, I cannot run the task in clearml agent, getting " ERROR: Can not run task without repository or literal script in script.diff" :
repository = branch = version_num = tag = docker_cmd = /home/rdekel/anaconda3/envs/P1 entry_point = working_dir = Executing Conda: /home/rdekel/anaconda3/condabin/conda env remove -p /home/rdekel/temp_cache/.trains/venvs-builds.6/3.7 --quiet --json Using pre-existing Conda environment from /home/rdekel/anaconda3/envs/P1 clearml_agent: ERROR: Can not run task without repository or literal script inscript.diff
I can reproduce this problem with a very simple code, running:
import multiprocessing as mp from clearml import Task mp.set_start_method('spawn') task = Task.init("OMD", task_name="bla") print(f"task.get_script={task.get_script()}") task.close()Yields:
task.get_script={'working_dir': None, 'entry_point': '', 'branch': None, 'repository': ''}As you can see, nothing in the working directory or the other fields.

This problem happens on a specific server, the other servers I use detect the repository as needed.

I tried updating clearml to the latest version and rebooting the machine, and no help.

It would be really helpful if you can help in any way, as I currently have 4 X A100 that sit idle and wait... 🥲

Thanks a lot,

Posted 2 years ago
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EDIT: Testing.

Posted 2 years ago

StaleMole4 you are printing the values before Task.init had the chance to populate it.
Basically try moving the print after closing the Task (closing the tasks waits for the async update)
Make sense ?

Posted 2 years ago

Also I would suggest using Task.execute_remotely

Posted 2 years ago


Thanks Martin.

As you said, changing the order indeed resulted in a working code snippet that correctly identifies the working directory.

From there, it was easy to debug and solve the actual problem.


Posted 2 years ago


Posted 2 years ago
5 Answers
2 years ago
one year ago
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