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Hi All, I Am Trying To Get All Pipeline Tasks Or Task Ids From A Specific Project. The Project In The Details Of One Of The Pipeline Tasks Is Defined As

Hi all, I am trying to get all pipeline tasks or task ids from a specific project. The project in the details of one of the pipeline tasks is defined as "<project_name>/.pipelines/<pipeline_name>" . I get:
Task.query_tasks(project_name="<project_name>/.pipelines/<pipeline_name>") -> []
Task.get_tasks(project_name="<project_name>/.pipelines/<pipeline_name>") -> []
APIClient.client.projects.get_all(name="<project_name>/.pipelines/<pipeline_name>") -> empty Project list
Task.query_tasks(task_name="<pipeline_name>") -> list of task ids
Task.get_tasks(task_name="<pipeline_name>") -> list of tasks
APIClient.client.projects.get_all(id=["id of <project_name>/.pipelines/<pipeline_name>"]) -> Project with name="<project_name>/.pipelines/<pipeline_name>"
Why can't I get the tasks of this pipeline project or even the project by name? Are pipelines not handled like projects? Is there a way to get all pipeline tasks in a project?

Posted 29 days ago
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Answers 2

Hi @<1679661969365274624:profile|UnevenSquirrel80> ! Pipeline projects are hidden. You can try to pass task_filter={"search_hidden": True, "_allow_extra_fields_": True} to the query_tasks function to fetch the tasks from hidden projects

Posted 29 days ago

Nice, works! Thank you @<1523701435869433856:profile|SmugDolphin23>

Posted 29 days ago
2 Answers
29 days ago
29 days ago
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