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Hi All, Anyone Also Have Issues With The Logger Hang The Whole Task?? Or Doesn’T Upload The Reported Images And Scalers? I Got Many Tasks That Were Just Hang At The End Of The Script Without Finishing (Staying In

Hi all,
Anyone also have issues with the Logger hang the whole task?? or doesn’t upload the reported images and scalers?
I got many tasks that were just hang at the end of the script without finishing (staying in running state). My guess it is because of the logger, because all the logger report calls were on the end of the script and I didn’t see any report in the UI.
If anyone encounter this issue and know how to solve this I would very appreciate some help. The logger seems to be like a powerful tool, but sadly it is very not reliable (currently I save all the reports also on aws s3).

Posted 2 years ago
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Answers 4

No, the logger call is at the end of the main script.

Posted 2 years ago

In the latest it didn’t hang but also didn’t show any report I sent 😕

Posted 2 years ago

Oh no 😞 I wonder if this is connected to:

Any chance the logger is running (or you have) from a subprocess ?

Posted 2 years ago

Hi SpotlessLeopard9

I got many tasks that were just hang at the end of the script without ...

I remember this exact issue was fixed with 1.1.5rc0, see here:

Can you verify with the latest RC?
pip install clearml==1.1.5rc3

Posted 2 years ago