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Hello, I Have A Server With Several Gpus That I Wish To Use To Automatically Train Models. Clearml Seems Like The Perfect Tool For My Use Case But I Am Confused As To How I Can Communicate With The Agent Daemon Running On The Gpu Server. Do I Necessarily

I have a server with several GPUs that I wish to use to automatically train models.
ClearML seems like the perfect tool for my use case but I am confused as to how I can communicate with the agent daemon running on the gpu server.
Do I necessarily need to host a ClearML server to act as a proxy between my machine and the gpu server, or is there a way to communicate with the agent directly (for example using rabbitmq) ?

Posted one year ago
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Okey thank you!
If I plan using S3 for external file storage, do I still need Elasticsearch and Mongo ?

Posted one year ago

You'll need ES/Mongo to run the ClearML server

Posted one year ago

Okey thanks!

Posted one year ago

ShinyRabbit94 , Hey 🙂

The clearml-agent communicates with a server and receives jobs according to a "queue" connected to it. To run the agent properly you'll need to work against a ClearML server. You can either host one yourself OR use the community server. I think you can read a bit more here:


Posted one year ago
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one year ago
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