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Hi, I Tried To Make A Clearml Dataset Using The

Hi, I tried to make a clearml Dataset using the clearml-data and MNIST but I always get a 413 Request Entity Too Large

We have our own ClearML deployment on the GCP. How can I fix that?

Posted one year ago
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Answers 5

RotundHedgehog76 We were using clearml-server on kubernetes cluster, so I just reached out to our devops to change nginx settings and re-deploy it

Posted one year ago

Haha we manage our own deployment without k8s, so no dice there

But, it turns out we are using nginx as a reverse proxy so putting a client_max_body_size inside a nginx.conf solved it for us. Thanks :))

Posted one year ago

MelancholyElk85 thank you, however I am not sure where do I put that label?

Posted one year ago

Can you add the full error please?

Posted one year ago