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Hello Everyone, What Is The Behavior Of Clearml-Agent When Run In Docker Mode And The Container Crashes? To Me It Seems Like The Clearml-Agent Will Stop. In My Case I Memory-Limit The Container And It Seems To Crash, When Too Much Memory Is Used. However,

Hello everyone, what is the behavior of clearml-agent when run in docker mode and the container crashes? To me it seems like the clearml-agent will stop. In my case I memory-limit the container and it seems to crash, when too much memory is used. However, the clearml-agent also stops working then.

Posted one year ago
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Hi ReassuredTiger98

However, the clearml-agent also stops working then.

you mean the clearml-agen daemon (the one that spinned the container) is crashing as well ?

Posted one year ago

ReassuredTiger98 , Hi 🙂

Which version of clearml-agent are you using? Do you get the same result if you manually kill the docker container by force?

Posted one year ago

Yea, but could also be for other reasons. I ll try to find out somehow.

Posted one year ago

Good idea. No, clearml-agent does not crash and works fine afterwards. Then it is probably some other problem with my machine. Thank you!

Posted one year ago