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Hi, In The Aws Autoscaler, Is It Possible To Specify Multiple Regions (Availability_Zone)? I Currently Use Eu-West-1A, And Would Like To Start Using Eu-West-1B And Eu-West-1C. I Tried Specifying A List In Availability_Zone Parameter, But Without Success:

Hi, in the aws autoscaler, is it possible to specify multiple regions (availability_zone)? I currently use eu-west-1a, and would like to start using eu-west-1b and eu-west-1c. I tried specifying a list in availability_zone parameter, but without success: I am getting the following error:
Invalid type for parameter Placement.AvailabilityZone, value: ['eu-west-1a', 'eu-west-1b', 'eu-west-1c'], type: <class 'list'>, valid types: <class 'str'>

Posted one year ago
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yea I just realized that you would also need to specify different subnets, etc… not sure how easy it is 😞 But it would be very valuable, on-demand GPU instances are so hard to spin up nowadays in aws 😄

Posted one year ago

I think that's currently not supported, and I think it's also not well-defined - how would you go about starting such an instance? which zone will you choose if you have 3?

Posted one year ago

Oh, you mean multiple zones for the same instance type?

Posted one year ago

If you can draft up a proposal and use-case, you're more than welcome to open a github issue 🙂

Posted one year ago
5 Answers
one year ago
8 months ago