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Hi, I Recently Updated My Clearml To 1.1.2 And A Code That Was Working Before Now Behaves Completely Differently: I Am Using The Following To Log Debug Samples:

Hi, I recently updated my clearml to 1.1.2 and a code that was working before now behaves completely differently:
I am using the following to log debug samples:
epoch = engine.state.epoch # pytorch-ignite for i in range(len(model_output)): logger.report_matplotlib_figure(dataset_name, f"{i}_preds", epoch, fig, True)Before updating to 1.1.2, it was behaving as the following: Metric was the dataset name, each image from the batch was logged as with the name {i}_preds
Now, the Metric are 3d projection/1 from /1 to /55, each image is named plot image (see image) - Is there anything that changed in the library?

Posted 2 years ago
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Sorry, I was actually able to fix it (using 1.1.3) not sure what was the problem 😄

Posted 2 years ago

JitteryCoyote63 , Hi 🙂

I'm having a bit of trouble understanding. Can you give a concise example of before VS after?

Posted 2 years ago
2 Answers
2 years ago
one year ago