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Hi! I'M Trying Clearml 1.1.3. I'M Trying To Get A Dataset With

Hi! I'm trying clearml 1.1.3. I'm trying to get a dataset with Dataset.get(dataset_id='my_id') . I get this error message:
TypeError: clearml.task.Task.__get_tasks() got multiple values for keyword argument 'tags'I've also tried passing tags using the dataset_tags argument, it's no different.
Any idea what is going wrong here? Thank you!

Posted 2 years ago
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Answers 3

It's working now for me with 1.1.4rc0 as well, thank you!

Posted 2 years ago

Oh yes! I should have checked the last messages before posting. Thank you for pointing me to it! I will try the fix.

Posted 2 years ago