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Hi, Another Idea For Clearml Web Ui: In The Projects View, If I Have Several Experiments Being Enqueued And I Sort By “Started” Ascending (Newest On Top), I Expect To See Enqueued Experiments At The Very Top, While They Are Shown At The Very Bottom - Woul

Hi, another idea for ClearML web UI: in the projects view, if I have several experiments being enqueued and I sort by “Started” ascending (newest on top), I expect to see enqueued experiments at the very top, while they are shown at the very bottom - would it be possible to make them appear at the very top? wdyt?

Posted 2 years ago
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CostlyOstrich36 good enough, I will fallback to sorting by updated, thanks!

Posted 2 years ago

JitteryCoyote63 , Hi 🙂

Why do you expect to see the enqueued on top of 'started' if they haven't started yet and are in enqueue state only? You can sort by 'updated' to get this result.

Posted 2 years ago
2 Answers
2 years ago
one year ago