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Hi All, I Am Faced With The Situation That My Company'S Gitlab Is Temporarily Out Of Service At A Certain Time In The Early Morning (Due To Regular Maintenance Service, Something I Cannot Control). Normally, My System'S Inference Pipelines Are Scheduled T

Is there any contingency plan for an agent to continue running a task without reading the repository on the GitLab server?

Not sure what can be done ... any suggestions ?

At runtime, can I ask the agent to use some cached repository?

sometimes you will have it (as the agent stores a cached copy, but I would hardly count on it (and it might be at different states on different machines...)

... (due to regular maintenance service, something I cannot control).

Maybe let "them" know that CI/CD processes actually count on Git being available ? 🤔

Posted 2 years ago
0 Answers
2 years ago
one year ago