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I Am Using Opennmt-Tf (2.18.1) And Clearml (1.1.2) For Training And Testing My Translation Models. I Am Wanting To Register The Incremental Bleu Scores And Final Test Data With Clearml (For Plotting, Comparison, Etc.), But It Is Not Working. I Cannot Fi

So, accordintg to the article (and the code as far as I could tell), OpenNmt-tf automatically enabled TensorBoard. That is, it auto-logs the relevant features through tf.summary ( https://www.tensorflow.org/api_docs/python/tf/summary ). This is output on the cmd line with the likes of:
INFO:tensorflow:Evaluation result for step 9000: loss = 1.190986 ; perplexity = 3.290324 ; bleu = 63.569644 INFO:tensorflow:Step = 9100 ; steps/s = 2.17, source words/s = 28293, target words/s = 39388 ; Learning rate = 0.000927 ; Loss = 1.381563However, this data is not picked up automatically by ClearML. I am specifically looking at opennmt's Runner.train: https://opennmt.net/OpenNMT-tf/package/opennmt.Runner.html

Posted 2 years ago
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2 years ago
one year ago