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Hi, We Are Hosting A Clearml Server On Ec2. Sometimes, We Upload Artifacts (Models, Data, Etc.) To Clearml Server; However, We Don’T Want To Keep Some Files Forever But To Delete Some When We Don’T Need To Track Them Anymore. Occasionally, Clearml Server

We are hosting a ClearML Server on EC2. Sometimes, we upload artifacts (models, data, etc.) to ClearML Server; however, we don’t want to keep some files forever but to delete some when we don’t need to track them anymore.
Occasionally, ClearML Server reports that “The following artifacts were not deleted”. Which can cause this problem? Furthermore, could ClearML Server clean untracked files to free up storage?

Posted 2 years ago
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I asked this question some time ago, I think this is just not implemented but it shouldn’t be difficult to add? I am also interested in such feature!

Posted 2 years ago

GrittyKangaroo27 , Hi!

ClearML currently does not support deleting S3 objects through the UI. I believe it will be added in coming versions 🙂

Posted 2 years ago