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Hello All, I Setup Clearml On An Ec2 Instance Using The Community Ami. I Have Pointed A Domain To The Instance. Now How Do I Setup For Ssl? I Can’T Seem To Find A Guide For Ec2. Thank You!

Hello all, I setup ClearML on an EC2 instance using the community AMI. I have pointed a domain to the instance. Now how do I setup for SSL? I can’t seem to find a guide for EC2. Thank you!

Posted 2 years ago
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Answers 3

Hi GrittyCormorant73 ,

Whats the status of you server? did you follow https://clear.ml/docs/latest/docs/deploying_clearml/clearml_server_aws_ec2_ami#clearml-server-aws-community-amis ?

Posted 2 years ago

TimelyPenguin76 yes, I followed that guide. I got it up and running with my domain. But I’m not sure how to install SSL certificate for this

Posted 2 years ago

SSL termination is done by the elastic load balancer (elb), let me search for some info about it

Posted 2 years ago
3 Answers
2 years ago
one year ago