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Is It Possible To Ask An Agent To Use A Specified Existing Python Environment Instead Of Building One From Scratch?

Is it possible to ask an agent to use a specified existing python environment instead of building one from scratch?

Posted 2 years ago
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At least when you use docker containers the agent will reuse the existing python environment.

Posted 2 years ago

I am pretty sure there is a flag in the clearml.conf where you can specify which python binary to use.

Posted 2 years ago

Hi WackyRabbit7 and ReassuredTiger98
While what Tim said was true, it only applies to the Python binary used to create the venv (i.e. the venv will still be created).
WackyRabbit7 , to specify an pre-existing venv you can use the CLEARML_AGENT_SKIP_PIP_VENV_INSTALL=<path-to-venv-binary> env var

Posted 2 years ago

In my use case I'm using an agent on the same mahcine I'm developing, so pointing this env var to the same venv I'm using for development, will skip the venv creation process from teh task requirements?

Posted 2 years ago


Posted 2 years ago
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2 years ago
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