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Hi, Is There A Way I Can Supply Credentials To Clearml-Data (Cli And Python) Without Going Thru The Clearml.Conf?

Hi, is there a way I can supply credentials to clearml-data (cli and python) without going thru the ClearML.conf?

Posted 2 years ago
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Thanks TimelyPenguin76 , is there an env var for the S3 connection as well?

Posted 2 years ago

Hey SubstantialElk6 ,

You can try adding environment vars with that info:

os.environ["CLEARML_API_HOST"] = api_server os.environ["CLEARML_WEB_HOST"] = web_server os.environ["CLEARML_FILES_HOST"] = files_server os.environ["CLEARML_API_ACCESS_KEY"] = access_key os.environ["CLEARML_API_SECRET_KEY"] = secret_key

Posted 2 years ago

SubstantialElk6 if you mean for the AWS S3 credentials, you can use the same env vars used by the AWS CLI:

Posted 2 years ago
3 Answers
2 years ago
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