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Hi, Thank You For This Great Tool. We Have An Issue When Resuming A Task When A Machine Is Being Preempted. In Some Cases (Not Always), The Scalars Are Not Logged Properly Anymore When Resuming The Task. The State Still Is Changed To Resume, But The Scala

Hi, thank you for this great tool.
We have an issue when resuming a task when a machine is being preempted.
In some cases (not always), the scalars are not logged properly anymore when resuming the task. The state still is changed to resume, but the scalars stop showing.

Code looks similar to this
task = Task.get_task(project_name, task_name) task.reload() task.started() # always works task.report_scalar() # does not always work task.completed()Any ideas? 🙂 thank you

Posted 2 years ago
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Hi DefiantShark80 ,

task.report_scalar() # does not always workwhat do you mean? report_scalar not sending the info or raising an error?

Posted 2 years ago

Works more robustly now, thanks!

Posted 2 years ago

Can you try something like

` from clearml import Task

task = Task.get_task(task_id="TASK ID")
task.get_logger().report_scalar("Some title", series="series", value=2, iteration=0)
task.completed() `This works for me, I can get the report

BTW whats the status of the task before running this code?

Posted 2 years ago

I will try that, thanks 🙂
it's usually aborted, in that case we already do task.started(force=True) if that's what you meant 🙂

Posted 2 years ago

report_scalar not sending the info

Posted 2 years ago

the reloading is not necessary?

Posted 2 years ago

not in that case

Posted 2 years ago
7 Answers
2 years ago
one year ago