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So I Bumped Onto This Comparison Shared By Dagshub. It Kinda Placed Clearml Is A Rather Bad Position Compared To Everything Else In The Industry.

Hi CynicalBee90
Sorry, I missed the reply.

"I think we’ll leave the checkmark and the warning and just write SSPL below," Sounds like a good solution 👍
2. I have to admit, I would just write "language agnostic", but I will not insist further, so if you feel "platform" helps in explaining the reasoning, I'm with you.
3. "... to do smart analysis on my logged data easily, ..."
If this is the criteria, none of the options is Very easy, but they all have an interface.. not sure how to compare, but the title of the row is very very confusing.
I would say, direct access to the logged metrics?! Again I have to admit, I can't see any reason why one would care, other than your point on ease of use, which is never as simple as one would like, but with all the options there, there is always an interface for accessing the data.
(clearml api functions below, but to your point, this is definitely worth adding an example to the docs, thanks!)
Bottom line, maybe change the row description ? and highlight that your solution is easy to work with?
4. Basically you either pull wandb/coment/neptubne etc. from this comparison or you mark everything with a check-mark.
The ClearML free hosting is equivalent with the other platforms (in terms of RBAC, i.e. login, private/shared workspaces etc. The free hosting is Not the clearml demoapp public testing, the free tier is a dedicated hosted solution for users)
The open-source server is as easy as possible with docker-compose, that said, this is out of scope for this row comparison as half the columns are not installable.
If you want to allow details you have to add (SaaS)/(standalone) next to each cell, then you can support this mix
5. My bad, I was looking at the image in the post on your website, where it is still double question marks

Anyhow I appropriate the willingness to fix the table, this is unfortunately truly unique 🙂

Posted 2 years ago
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2 years ago
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