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Hi, I'M Running Clearml Agents Via K8S Glue. I Noticed That The Agent Is Not Pulling Latest Images Even Though

Hi, I'm running clearml agents via K8s glue. I noticed that the agent is not pulling latest images even though docker_force_pull is set to true.

A kubectl describe pod on the pod spawned by the agent shows following
Successfully assigned default/clearml-id-6377383873 to workernode3 Container image "harbor.dsta.ai/public/detectron2:V3" already present on machine Created container clearml-id-6377383873 Started container clearml-id-6377383873

Posted 2 years ago
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thanks SuccessfulKoala55 . I verified your last comment and it works.

Posted 2 years ago

Basically, this is related to the imagePullPolicy which can either be specified if you're using a template, or with a customized kubectl_cmd (default command does not specify it). When not specified, this defaults to the k8s server defaults

Posted 2 years ago

Ok. Problem was resolved with latest version of clearml-agent and clearml.

Posted 2 years ago

Hi SubstantialElk6 ,
Are you using the template_yaml argument?

Posted 2 years ago
4 Answers
2 years ago
one year ago