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Hello. Recently Installed Packages Behavior Has Been Changed. Previously It Was Following: 1. If Installed Packages Is Empty, Packages Should Be Installed From Requirements.Txt. 2. If Installed Packages Is Not Empty, They Should Be Installed. Now It'S Fol

Hello. Recently INSTALLED PACKAGES behavior has been changed.
Previously it was following:

  1. If INSTALLED PACKAGES is empty, packages should be installed from requirements.txt.
  2. If INSTALLED PACKAGES is not empty, they should be installed.
    Now it's following
    If force_repo_requirements_txt=false and INSTALLED PACKAGES is empty - install nothing
    If force_repo_requirements_txt=false and INSTALLED PACKAGES is not empty - install them.
    If force_repo_requirements_txt=true install packages from install from requirements.txt
    Can I somehow get previous logic, because current logic is not ideal for all teams.
    Some teams use requirements.txt, and they don't want to deal with INSTALLED PACKAGES.
    Some teams fill INSTALLED PACKAGES manually.
Posted 2 years ago
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Answers 2

Hi ItchyJellyfish73
The behavior should not have changed.

"force_repo_requirements_txt" was always a "catch all option" to set a behavior for an agent, but should generally be avoided

That said, I think there was an issue with v1.0 (cleaml-server) where when you cleared the "Installed Packages" it did not actually cleared it, but set it to empty.
It sounds like the issue you are describing.
Could you upgrade the clearml-server and test?

Posted 2 years ago

AgitatedDove14 Thanks, it looks like issue does not reproduce with v1.0.1

Posted 2 years ago