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Imagine I Browse Through My Experiment History And Find An Old Experiment That I Want To Use As A Base For A New Experiment. I Did Not Commit All My Changes Before Executing This Old Experiment, So The "Uncommitted Changes" In The "Execution Tab" Is Not

Imagine I browse through my experiment history and find an old experiment that I want to use as a base for a new experiment. I did not commit all my changes before executing this old experiment, so the "uncommitted changes" in the "execution tab" is not empty. Is there a way to automatically recreate this codebase I used for that experiment in the past using any clearML tool (UI or Python)?

Posted 3 years ago
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that's pretty darned awesome!! I didn't know we could do that 😄 😄

Posted 3 years ago

ClumsyElephant70 yes there is 🙂
clearml-agent build --id <task id> --target <folder>(I might have a typo there, but you can basically check the full help clearml-agent build --help )

Posted 3 years ago
2 Answers
3 years ago
one year ago