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Hi There, I Moved My Clearml Server From Us To Eu And Now I Am Trying To Setup The Aws Autoscaler With The Different Architecture That I Have Now. So Far I Used An Old Version

Hi there, I moved my ClearML server from US to EU and now I am trying to setup the AWS autoscaler with the different architecture that I have now. So far I used an old version https://github.com/allegroai/clearml/blob/ebc0733357ac9ead044d0ed32d41447763f5797e/examples/services/aws-autoscaler/aws_autoscaler.py of the autoscaler, is it very different from the current one on master? Any breaking changes?
Also, now I have proper security measures and I have roles attributed to instances, so I don’t have a key/access anymore. Will the autoscaler work when started in a docker in a a ec2 instance that has the proper roles for creating/deleting instances?

Posted 2 years ago
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As long as the ~/.aws is configured, I "think" it should work. (I'm assuming you are referring IAM roles?)
I would also suggest using the latest aws_autoscaler (basically it adds a CLI wizard, I think the functionality is very much the same)

Posted 2 years ago