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Hey, I Want To Use The Aws Autoscaler With Spot Instances, And I Was Wondering How (Or If) You Handle Interruptions. What We Currently Implemented Is A Mechanism That On Spot Failure Reruns The Training With A Flag, And Our Code Knows To Search For The La

Hi CleanPigeon16

I was wondering how (or if) you handle interruptions.

Good question, basically (and I might be missing a few details but I think that's the general gist).
A new instance will be spinned (spot/regular based on your "compute budget") as long as there is a job in the "monitored" queue. that mean that if a worker was kicked by amazon (i.e. is spot) another one will be spinned instead as long as there is a job in the queue. That means that what is probably missing in your case is a service that checks that a Task was aborted and then re-enqueues it to the same queue (which will trigger the auto scaler to spin a new instance if needed)
Make sense ?

Posted 3 years ago
0 Answers
3 years ago
one year ago