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Hey All. I Need Some Help Debugging Some Errors. I Keep Getting An Error About Failing To Clone The Repository On The Remote Instance. What Could Be The Reason Of This? Are There Any Common Errors Related To This? I Suspect Permissions, But Not Entirely

Hey all. I need some help debugging some errors.

I keep getting an error about failing to clone the repository on the remote instance. What could be the reason of this? Are there any common errors related to this? I suspect permissions, but not entirely sure what and where

Posted 2 years ago
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Answers 5

Is there any documentation on how to set up the config for the agent?

Posted 2 years ago

Thanks Martin. I think I have found where the error is!

Posted 2 years ago

I am struggling to fill in the values for the template. Some are obvious, others are not

Posted 2 years ago

Sure, run:
clearml-agent initIt is a CLI wizard to configure the initial configuration file.

Posted 2 years ago
5 Answers
2 years ago
10 months ago