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Hi, I'M Running The Latest Clearml Server On Aws For A Week Now And I Regularily Run Into The "Fetch Experiments Failed". I Can'T Really Find Any More Information What Went Wrong? Any Help To Diagnose The Problem Further Would Be Appreciated

I'm running the latest clearml server on aws for a week now and I regularily run into the "Fetch Experiments failed". I can't really find any more information what went wrong? Any help to diagnose the problem further would be appreciated

Posted 3 years ago
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to add: following the suggestion from another thread, I looked at the developer tools -> network output and this is the failing requrest (I think)
endpoint: {name: "tasks.get_all_ex", requested_version: "2.12", actual_version: "1.0"} error_data: {} error_stack: null id: "8be33097ac824ef2bc40dded2bfc5fe8" result_code: 500 result_msg: "Internal server error: err=Cannot resolve field "null", extra_info=None" result_subcode: 1 trx: "8be33097ac824ef2bc40dded2bfc5fe8"And also this

endpoint: {name: "tasks.get_all_ex", requested_version: "2.12", actual_version: "1.0"} error_data: {} error_stack: null id: "8b1901c0d3e34250bee8a8f3b919a71f" result_code: 400 result_msg: "Missing required fields (page_size is required when page is requested): field=page_size" result_subcode: 11 trx: "8b1901c0d3e34250bee8a8f3b919a71f"

Posted 3 years ago

Hi DisturbedWalrus17 ,
This is a known issue that will be solved in the next version. It's a bug in the experiments ordering ("null" creeps up into the ordering for no good reason) - just try to sort your experiments (click on one of the table headers) and see if it goes away...

Posted 3 years ago

yay - it did. thank you

Posted 3 years ago
3 Answers
3 years ago
one year ago