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Hi There. I'M Following The Training Instructions For Testing Clearml Agent (

Hi there. I'm following the training instructions for testing clearml agent ( https://allegro.ai/clearml/docs/docs/tutorials/tutorial_tuning_exp.html#step-3-tune-the-cloned-experiment ). The difference is that I run my own script for TF (2.3) from location on disk d:. (D:\Projects\ClearML_test>python ResNetFineTune.py). I've cloned the task and enqueued it - looks like clearml-agent created an environment for new experiment, after finishing with original task. However, running cloned task failed with the message in ClearML console:
Environment setup completed successfully Starting Task Execution: C:\Users\Super\.clearml\venvs-builds\3.7\scripts\python.exe: can't open file 'ResNetFineTune.py': [Errno 2] No such file or directoryHow can I fix the issue? Thanks in advance.

Posted 3 years ago
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BattyLion34 when you are running the script locally, you have this script ( ResNetFineTune.py ) so you can run it without any issue, but when running the agent, the agent clone the repo, create an env and run the script. Now, the issue is that when trying to run the script, from the cloned repo, it can’t find it, because it’s only on your local machine, in the original git repo.

Posted 3 years ago

To fix it, you can add the file and push the changes to the git. After you should also see the changes in your script (after committed).

Posted 3 years ago

Yes, this works, thank you!

Posted 3 years ago

TimelyPenguin76 Yes, that's a new file - I haven't added it to repository yet. What I see for original taks "uncommitted changes" - "no changes logged".

Posted 3 years ago

BattyLion34 only add will also work, because it will be in the diff section

Posted 3 years ago

Hi BattyLion34 ,

Does ResNetFineTune.py is a new file in your git? Do you see its changes in the original task’s uncommitted changes section?

Posted 3 years ago
6 Answers
3 years ago
one year ago