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In Relation To Pytorch Lightning V1.X, Usage In Combination With Trains Has Become Much Smoother (Just Pure Tensorboard). However, When Checking The "Configuration" Tab Of An Experiment, It'S Empty. How Do I Get Trains To Log The Hyperparameters? I'Ve Tr

Hi DefeatedCrab47 ,

You can set the HP with a dict, like:

Task.current_task().set_user_properties( { "property_name": {"description": "This is a user property", "value": "property value"}, "another_property_name": {"description": "This is another user property", "value": "another value"}, "yet_another_property_name": "some value" } )or list of dicts, like:

Task.current_task().set_user_properties( [ { "name": "property_name", "description": "This is a user property", "value": "property value" }, { "name": "another_property_name", "description": "This is another user property", "value": "another value" } ] )
can one of those do the trick for you?

Posted 3 years ago
0 Answers
3 years ago
11 months ago