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Is It Possible To Make A Callback To When A Task Is Grabbed By A Trains-Agent Worker So I Could Edit Its Configuration Before The Creation Of The Tasks Starts? (I Want To Change The Base Docker Path Depending On The Worker That Grabbed The Task)

Is it possible to make a callback to when a task is grabbed by a trains-agent worker so I could edit its configuration before the creation of the tasks starts? (I want to change the base docker path depending on the worker that grabbed the task)

Posted 3 years ago
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Oh I see, I think this will work. Thanks 🙂

Posted 3 years ago

Hi SmarmySeaurchin8 ,

You can configure each trains-agent to run with a different image. In your trains.conf file, under agent.default_docker.image section, specify the image you want the trains-agent to run with. When you have a value in this section, and with empty BASE DOCKER IMAGE, you can avoid changing it manually.

Can this do the trick?

Posted 3 years ago
2 Answers
3 years ago
one year ago