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How Should I Go About Making All The Artifacts Default Saving Location To A Bucket? (Destination For Automatically Saved Artifacts, Uploaded And Registered) I Know That It Is Possible Through

How should I go about making all the artifacts default saving location to a bucket? (destination for automatically saved artifacts, uploaded and registered)

I know that it is possible through Task.init(... output_uri=...) but I'm talking about a default value that I configure in my trains.conf

Posted 3 years ago
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Hi WackyRabbit7

You can configure a default one in your trains.conf file under sdk.development.default_output_uri

Posted 3 years ago

TimelyPenguin76 , this can safely be set to s3:// right?

Posted 3 years ago


Posted 3 years ago

yes, same values as task.init

Posted 3 years ago