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I Have A Data Scientist Constantly Having The Same Problem. If She Did Not Push His Latest Changes To Git, She Gets The Following Error

I have a data scientist constantly having the same problem. If she did not push his latest changes to git, she gets the following error

` Using cached repository in "/root/.trains/vcs-cache/xxxxxx.git.dae4257b2277bee9eee45c7ad6e0d6dc/xxxxxx.git"
fatal: reference is not a tree: ca5ec8177d04f366cb7609c2dbad10593aa460ab
Repository cloning failed: Command '['git', 'checkout', 'ca5ec8177d04f366cb7609c2dbad10593aa460ab', '--force']' returned non-zero exit status 128.
trains_agent: ERROR: Failed cloning repository.

  1. Make sure you pushed the requested commit:
    (repository='git@github.xxxxxx/xxxxxx.git', branch='yyyyyyyy', commit_id='ca5ec8177d04f366cb7609c2dbad10593aa460ab', tag='', entry_point='xxxxxx.py', working_dir='trains')
  2. Check if remote-worker has valid credentials [see worker configuration file] `
    Now I'm pretty sure trains figures out diffs and applies them - so why does this happen?

(This runs on a trains-agent)

Posted 3 years ago
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Posted 3 years ago

This looks like a genuine git fetch issue. Trains would have problems figuring the diff if git cannot find the base commit...
Do you have submodules on the repo? did the DS push his/her commits?

Posted 3 years ago

What do you mean by submodules?

She did not push, I told her she does not have to push before executing as trains figures out the diffs.
When she pushes - it works

Posted 3 years ago

if she does not push, trains has a commit id for the task that does not exist on the git server. if she does not commit - trains will hold all the diff from the last commit on the server.

Posted 3 years ago

that's how it is supposed to work 😉 let us know if it does not.

Posted 3 years ago

no git submodules

Posted 3 years ago

so basically - if she has new commits locally that werent pushed it won't work

But if she did not commit her latest changes, and now she enqueues - it will work?

Posted 3 years ago

submouldes == git submodules

Posted 3 years ago
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3 years ago
one year ago