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Hi, I Have A Pre-Processing Steps Not Been Implemented In Python, But Being A Shell Script Calling Wget To Synchronize Data And Creating Intermediate Sqlite Dbs By A Script Been Implemented In 'R' And Would Like To Ask, If Trains Can Be Used Just To Trigg

I have a pre-processing steps not been implemented in Python, but being a shell script calling wget to synchronize data and creating intermediate SQLite DBs by a script been implemented in 'R' and would like to ask, if Trains can be used just to trigger such steps.
Will I need to wrap their execution in python by system calls?
I expect it will not be able to be cloned to be reproduced etc. which would be ok.
I just would like to get it triggered as part of the preprocessing step.

Posted 3 years ago
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Hi WickedGoat98

Will I need to wrap their execution in python by system calls?

That would probably be the easiest solution 🙂

Then you can plug it into your pipeline as a preprocessing Task:

You can check this example:

Posted 3 years ago

need to read about the PipelineController. On a first view to the example it looks like what I would like to do.
I I would like to schedule multiple actions like 30 time the same script with different parameter, it looks like the add_step is what I will need

Posted 3 years ago

WickedGoat98 if this is the case, you can check this example. Same idea only "manual":

Posted 3 years ago

Would that help?

Posted 3 years ago

but before I need to understand how parameters are processed. See my last question in my earlier https://app.slack.com/client/TT9ATQXJ5/CTK20V944/thread/CTK20V944-1603740766.425000

Posted 3 years ago
5 Answers
3 years ago
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