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Hey, Trying To Use Trains-Agent To Run An Experiment On My Computer. When Trying To Execute A Job From The Queue On My Agent Im Getting An Error That Numpy Is Not Installed. How Do I Have The Trains-Agent Install My

hey, trying to use trains-agent to run an experiment on my computer.
when trying to execute a job from the queue on my agent im getting an error that numpy is not installed.
how do i have the trains-agent install my requirements.txt file from my repo when creating the environment?

Posted 3 years ago
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Answers 6

otherwise if you empty the installed packages and the requirements.txt is in one of the parents folder of the files that ran trains should detect it automatically

Posted 3 years ago

You can try copying all the contents of requirements.txt to the installed packages tab in the trains dashboard of your experiment (in the UI)

Posted 3 years ago

Hi CloudyHamster42

how do i have the trains-agent install my 


 file from my repo when creating the environment?

BTW if you clear all "the installed packages", then trains-agent will user requirements.txt and update back all the packages in the UI

Posted 3 years ago

yes, now i see it works.. the problem is im using torch_geometric and appantly it used torch for installation. is there any way to use an environment that already exists instead of creating a new one each time?

Posted 3 years ago

cool. thanks 🙂 also - is there a way for it to use cashed packages rather than downloading them each time?

Posted 3 years ago

It what it does to my understanding

Posted 3 years ago
6 Answers
3 years ago
one year ago
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