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Hi, For Some Reason Many Packages Are Not Detected In The Installed Packages Section. My Experiment Clone Crashes As It Fails To Import A Package That Wasn'T Included In The Installed Packages Although It Is Installed In The Default Environment. I'M Using

Hi, for some reason many packages are not detected in the Installed Packages section. My experiment clone crashes as it fails to import a package that wasn't included in the installed packages although it is installed in the default environment. I'm using the latest trains version 0.16.2

Posted 3 years ago
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great, will try this

Posted 3 years ago

When running in "dev" mode (i.e. writing the code) only packages imported directly are registered under "installed packages" , then when the agent is executing the experiment, it will update back the entire environment (including derivative packages etc.)
That said you can set detect_with_pip_freeze to true (in trains.conf) and it will basically store the entire pip freeze.

Posted 3 years ago
2 Answers
3 years ago
one year ago