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Hello Everyone! Found Some Strange Behavior With Histogram Logging: When I View My Neural Network Weight Distribution, I See The First Picture In Tensorboard And The Second In Trains Plots Tab. Tensorboard Plots Expected Unimodal Histogram, But Trains Cl

Hello everyone!

Found some strange behavior with histogram logging: when I view my neural network weight distribution, I see the first picture in tensorboard and the second in trains plots tab. Tensorboard plots expected unimodal histogram, but trains clearly plots bimodal histogram and with too wide intervals too. I suspect that something is wrong with bins or their size

Posted 3 years ago
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Honestly, it looks like the tensorboard representation is the wrong one. Only one way to find out - you need to plot the histogram on your own 😅

Posted 3 years ago

From what i remember the bins in tb are wider. And the tapering off around zero cannot be real since this happens in super sparse modela. Overall if you are sure, than this is a nice issue to open on GitHub.

Posted 3 years ago

What made you think it's wrong btw?

Posted 3 years ago

ProudMosquito87 Just a few pointers on how we convert the TB histograms to awesome (but less accurate) 3D surfaces.
First I have to admit, I almost never use these histograms, maybe to detect a plateau of if something goes really wrong...
The 3D surface is basically grouping all the histograms and then bucketing them (I think the default is 50 buckets) so that you get a general feel of what's going on, not necessary a detailed view. Bottom line, you are correct, the TB is the source of truth here 🙂

Posted 3 years ago

I looked at the values myself just in case. Tensorboard is right for sure 🙂

Posted 3 years ago
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3 years ago
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