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Is There A Way To Get A Docker-Compose.Yml That Would Also Work With A Reverse Proxy, Such As Traefik/Nginx-Proxy Etc? Because Otherwise I Am Not Sure How I Can Host This

Is there a way to get a docker-compose.yml that would also work with a reverse proxy, such as traefik/nginx-proxy etc?
Because otherwise I am not sure how I can host this

Posted 3 years ago
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Just to make sure this answer won't be missed: you'll need to configure ELB and use sub-domains, see https://allegro.ai/docs/deploying_trains/trains_server_config/

Posted 3 years ago

On the kubernets side I have ingress and ingressroute set up on EKS. With Traefik.
The services indeed uses ELB.'

Posted 3 years ago
2 Answers
3 years ago
one year ago