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Hi, Does 'Trains' Save Scalars Somewhere In The Machine Similar To Log File?

Hi, does 'trains' save scalars somewhere in the machine similar to log file?

Posted 3 years ago
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MysteriousBee56 what do you mean "save Scalars on the machine"? All metrics are sent to the trains server. You can later retrieve them from code, if you need.

Posted 3 years ago

thanks a lot 🙂

Posted 3 years ago

To retrieve metrics from an experiment I use this:
` from trains_agent import APIClient

client = APIClient()

client.events.get_scalar_metric_data(task=task_id, metric="name_of_metric") `Thanks to AgitatedDove14 that point this to me.

Posted 3 years ago

Actually, I want to retrieve metrics from code and I thought that these metrics might be stored somewhere in the local folders so that I can access them via code. You know the log file is created and stored in /tmp folder.

Posted 3 years ago
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3 years ago
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