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Hi Allegroal Team, I Recently Saw Your Project And Tried It. This Is A Great Tool! I Have A Question To Ask:

Hi allegroal team, I recently saw your project and tried it. This is a great tool! I have a question to ask:
How to upload tasks from local machine to server queue? (Because I don’t want to execute it locally, I currently use ctrl+c to interrupt it, and then reset & enqueue this task on the server UI)
Thank you!

Posted 3 years ago
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FierceFly22 like Elior wrote, you can use Task.execute_remotely , just need to supply the queue name 🙂

Posted 3 years ago

Thank you very much WackyRabbit7 and TimelyPenguin76 . I will try it later : )

Posted 3 years ago

the Task object has a method called Task.execute_remotely

Look it up here:

Posted 3 years ago
3 Answers
3 years ago
8 months ago