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Can We Somehow Add A Column "Duration" To The List Of Experiments ?

Can we somehow add a column "Duration" to the list of Experiments ?

Posted 4 years ago
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Answers 7

Yap, you right the math part. You can add column from metrics and hyper-params too, but currently we don’t have total duration as a column.

Let me check about the duration and what we can do

Posted 4 years ago

Updated column also can contain some more recent values and not the time when experiment ended/failed etc ...

Posted 4 years ago

TightElk12 This makes a lot of sense - should make it into one of the coming releases

Posted 4 years ago

Hi TightElk12 ,

You can view the Started column, and if you like only running experiments, you can filter to only Running in status column. Can this do the trick?

Posted 4 years ago

As they didn't all started at the same time, I have to do math to subtract the duration 🙂

Posted 4 years ago

For general duration, the Started and Updated column diff should be the total experiment duration

Posted 4 years ago

Well, I would like "quickly" to compare durations of several experiments ...

Posted 4 years ago
7 Answers
4 years ago
one year ago