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Hi, I'M Having Trouble Using Task.Clone And Task.Create- I'M Running Two Experiments One After The Other, And I Would Like To Report The Second Experiment To A New Task (New Experiment On The Server) But It Doesn'T Work. The Flow Is Task.Init -> Experimen

Hi HappyLion37
It seems that you are "reusing" the Tasks. Which means the second time you open them you are essentially resetting the old run and starting all over.
Try to do:
task1 = Task.init('examples', 'step one', reuse_last_task_id=False) print('do stuff') task1.close() task2 = Task.init('examples', 'step two', reuse_last_task_id=False) print('do some more stuff') task2.close()

Posted 3 years ago
0 Answers
3 years ago
one year ago