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Also, I Am Confused About Whether Trains Is Fully Open Source Because I Didn’T See Where The Source For The Web Client Is.

Also, I am confused about whether Trains is fully open source because I didn’t see where the source for the web client is.

Posted 4 years ago
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Trains is fully open-source, that said properly publishing and maintaining the web client is still on our to do list (I mean there is totally readable JavaScript code packaged in the trains-server and the dockers). It is constantly pushed because there is generally less contributions on the front-end with these kind of projects. That said of you guys are willing to help, it will greatly help in pushing it forward... LivelyLion31 what do you think, would you guys like to help with the frontend client?

Posted 4 years ago

Well, currently, I am not even using trains; I am just trying to figure out what experiment management system my startup should use. If we do use it, I don’t expect we will make heavy contributions to the front-end, but if there was a feature we really wanted, we would certainly consider implementing it and making a PR.

Posted 4 years ago

Awesome, PRs are always welcome, and we try to help with any request and feature coming for users. We just added audio support (RC releasing in a few days) based only on users request.

Posted 4 years ago
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4 years ago
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