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Hi All, The Repo I'M Working On Has A Few Projects And We Have Some Code Which Is Shared Between All The Projects, For Example Our Own Augmentations, I'Ve Created A Script Which Runs Unit Tests For Each Environment And I Wanted To Know Is There A Feature

Hi all,
The repo I'm working on has a few projects and we have some code which is shared between all the projects, for example our own augmentations, I've created a script which runs unit tests for each environment and I wanted to know is there a feature in Clear-ML where i can automate these tests with a task? i saw that i can set cron jobs for the task, but is there a way to make it run when a commit has been made and is it possible also to run on all the branchs of our repository?

Posted one year ago
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Thanks John.

Posted one year ago

Hi CluelessFlamingo93 . This is indeed a capability within ClearML.
I think this is what you're looking for:

Posted one year ago