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Hello All, I'Ve Previously Successfully Used The "Clearml Gpu Compute" Application, From Clearml And Genesis. Recently, My Tasks Are Failing With A Modulenotfounderror Error (For Banal Things Like Scipy And Scikit-Learn). It Seems Clearml'S Automagical En

Hello all,
I've previously successfully used the "ClearML GPU Compute" application, from ClearML and Genesis. Recently, my tasks are failing with a ModuleNotFoundError error (for banal things like scipy and scikit-learn). It seems ClearML's automagical environment discovery and recreation is failing me?! Any ideas?
I don't have any other remote execution agents configured currently, so I can't check if this is a problem specific to Genesis (doubt it).

Posted one year ago
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Hi WorriedRabbit94 , what do you see in the execution section of the experiment when you run it locally?

Posted one year ago

I have just created a clean python virtual env (which seems to work fine locally, but fails as above). Naturally, it is using clearml v1.9.1 .

Posted one year ago

Worse yet, I've tried both a conda-based environment and a virtualenv with pip for everything, and both fail in this way.

Posted one year ago

I'm seeing an extremely short list, that is indeed missing scipy and scikit-learn, which are clearly installed and available.

Posted one year ago

What version of clearml are you using? Can you try in a clean python virtual env?

Posted one year ago
5 Answers
one year ago
one year ago