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Hello Everyone. When Pressing The "Copy Embed Code" Button In Scalar Plots, I Don'T Get To Choose The Embedding Type Like In The Video, It Seems That I Get Only Code For Clearml Reports. How To Get The Code For Embedding Plots Into External Tools?

Hello everyone. When pressing the "Copy embed code" button in scalar plots, I don't get to choose the embedding type like in the video, it seems that I get only code for ClearML reports. How to get the code for embedding plots into external tools?

Posted 4 months ago
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Answers 2

Most likely you are running a self-hosted server. External embeds are not available for self-hosted servers due to difficult network routing and safety concerns (need access from the public internet). The free hosted server at app.clear.ml does have it.

Posted 4 months ago

Yeah, you are right, I forgot to mention that I am running a self-hosted server

Posted 4 months ago
2 Answers
4 months ago
4 months ago